Know About The Indian Yoga Federation: The Ultimate Guide 2021

What is the Indian Yoga Federation?

The Indian Yoga Federation ( IYF ) was created in 2015 by the Yoga Teachers Association of India (YTAI). They aim to create a network of like-minded people who are interested in all forms of yoga. They strive to be an umbrella organization for yoga teachers, students, organizations, and people in general. YTAI was formed in 1993 to give yoga teachers a collective voice.

The Indian Yoga Federation helps these people with their various activities and creates a voice for them. They have nine missions, which are outlined in the charity’s constitution. The Federation aims to help Indian communities across India.

By doing this, they hope to show that yoga is accessible to all levels of ability, religion, and age. They also hope to promote health education, especially for children and disadvantaged people.

What are the objectives of the Indian Yoga Federation?

Objectives of The Indian Yoga Federation

At the moment, the Indian Yoga Federation is the largest yoga organization in India. Its mission statement explains the goals of the organization. It says: “We are inspired by the vision of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the objective of Universal HealthCare which necessitates a universal and accessible healthcare to all Indians.”

The mission is summed up in the guiding motto: “Unity in Diversity.” The Federation aims to be a pan-Indian body to “integrate the vast range of Yoga practices and knowledge into the contemporary education system” and be a body that will “work for the country’s holistic development.”

The Federation is made up of all of the national bodies that promote yoga. There are currently 46 national organizations in the Federation.

What does the leadership structure look like?

The Indian Yoga Federation operates on two levels of leadership: the executive board and the Regional Coordinating Committee.

The Executive Board is composed of members of the society. Regional Coordinating Committees are made up of members of one of the seven regional chapters.

The Indian Yoga Federation aims to foster and nurture a highly professional organization of yoga teachers and trainees in India. The Executive Board has nine members and is led by a chairperson.

The Regional Coordinating Committee has four members and is led by a chairman. The Regional Coordinating Committee meets at least once a year. The Indian Yoga Federation also has an extensive education committee, which is also composed of members of the society.


The Indian Yoga Federation is a non-profit organization. It aims to grow the yoga market in India and beyond by building and nurturing local yoga communities.

These are yoga studios, yoga schools, health centers, etc. They seek to promote yoga by organizing events that are fun, inspiring, and inclusive.

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